These are my experiences inspired by books…

Are you a book junkie like me and you want another excuse to connect to more good reads? Or maybe, you don’t consider yourself much of a reader, and you’re overwhelmed by the process of choosing something that will speak to you. Either way, my goal is the same — to review books I’ve hand-picked for you and share how these stories have inspired my own real-life adventures. These are what I call Plot Driven Life experiences.

Some of my favorite adventures have lead me to try a new sport, write my own obituary, and post inspiring messages in a school bathroom. Most amazingly, one of these adventures connected me with a whole new set of family members to love!

My hope is that you’ll take my recommendations and pick a book (or two) you love so much you choose to share it with friends, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll even feel called to plan your own Plot Driven Life experience.

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Stranger than Fiction

Stranger than Fiction

Rewind a Minute Well, it's been entirely too long since I last shared a new #plotdrivenlife adventure, but I hope that this update to a post I wrote in 2017 will absolutely blow your mind and prove to you that books change lives! In August 2017, I wrote a post...

Moxie, #metoo & MacGyver

Podcast Driven Life I have to admit that I've been living more of a Podcast Driven Life lately, and I'm cringing at how far behind I am on my Goodreads Challenge for the year. However, I think the lessons I'm learning from the podcasts I'm currently addicted to are...

Countdown to My Death

If the title of this week's blog post made you think I'm dying, don't worry. I'm completely healthy. But this week's book certainly has me thinking about how I'll use the rest of my time on Earth, especially after experiencing the death calculator! Capital Gaines:...

Puzzle Mania!

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee Happy holidays, everybody! My gift to you this week is a recommendation to read one of the best books I read in 2017: The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee. Historical fiction doesn’t get any...

Will Roadtrip for Books

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon I love a good romance, and I took the recommendation of Emily Hall, owner of a local indie bookshop called Main Street books, when I picked up this week's book: When Dimple Met Rishi.  Dimple Shah yearns to make a name for...

This Blog Goes to the Dogs

The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis If you're looking for a spooky book to read this Halloween, may I suggest The Female of the Species? Author Mindy McGinnis is also responsible for one of my favorite 2017-18 Gateway nominees called A Madness So Discreet; the...

Get in My Belly!

It's been a while since I lasted posted, but I hope to have several posts for you over the next few weeks! North of Happy by Adi Alsaid We are fast approaching the season of food. Thanksgiving is a month away, and if you celebrate Christmas like I do, you might...

Balloons, Bonbons & Bacon

I love it when other people share their own #plotdrivenlife experiences, and one of my favorite fellow librarians, Shannon Grieshaber, recently shared one with me in her own recent blog post. In my opinion, the coolest part about planning a #plotdrivenlife experience...

Love Letter to a Bookstore

Unfortunately, I haven't been living a very #plotdrivenlife lately. Mike and I bought a new house last month, and with the incredible support of my parents who flew in from Canada, we've been madly unpacking, cleaning and renovating the house to make it our own. We...

A Plot Driven Life Explained

Read the Book

As a high school librarian, I read mostly YA titles, and I prefer to listen to books through services like Audible, Overdrive and Hoopla. I’ll only share books with you that I think are worth your time. Contact me if you have any must-read suggestions!

Pick the Plot

I start every book thinking it might spark an idea for a real-life adventure. I reflect on the characters’ experiences or the author’s advice, and if I feel inspired, I plan an activity directly influenced by the book. These activities are typically first-time experiences for me and push me out of my comfort zone.

Live the Lit

 I follow in the footsteps of the characters I’ve read about, documenting the adventure along the way. Whether I’m sampling new foods or sighting eagles, I let the experience deepen my understanding of the book that inspired it. Each blog post packages my book review, adventure and reflection for your own entertainment and inspiration!

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Donec bibendum tortor non vestibulum dapibus. Cras id tempor risus. Curabitur eu dui pellentesque, pharetra purus viverra.

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